Specialists in IT Security and Technological Infrastructure.


We can setup and configure the services below for your enterprise. For more info about on-premise infrastructure installation please refer to the documentation in our downloads section.

Proxmox Virtual Environment

Proxmox Virtual Environment is an open-source VM (Virtual Machine) and LXC/LXD (Linux Container) Virtualization Hypervisor. It is a highly robust system as it's Debian-based and essentially a Linux install below the added layers.

Linux Operating Systems

We generally use Linux Based Distributions to configure and set-up virtual machines and/or containers, such as Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, as they're the most popular and supported versions.

pfSense Firewall

pfSense is a FreeBSD, Open-source Firewall that supports many features such as advanced VPN Servers and NAT options, LDAP bound authentication, RADIUS, etc. We normally implement separate instances (An outer border instance and a separate OpenVPN) for security reasons.

Database Engines


PostgreSQL is our go-to DBMS, as it supports many data-types and is considered an industry standard in terms of robustness and performance capabilities.


Alternatively we also rely on MariaDB, a MySQL derived DBMS, as it's open-source and more reliable based on our experiences.

Lightweight Directory Authentication Protocol

We can set-up and configure SAMBA LDAP and NFS (Network File Systems). Generally useful when user credentials must be shared between many different systems. LDAP authentication is a commonly supported feature along with RADIUS in many proprietary and open-source tools.

Interlock (Open Source LDAP Manager)

Interlock is an in-house tool that we built for LDAP Management and decided to make Open-Source. Made in VueJS (Javascript) and Django Rest Framework (Python), it allows for User, Group, and DNS administration in SAMBA LDAP and Microsoft ADDS Servers*.

*Some features, such as password changes are disabled in Microsoft ADDS Servers without LDAPS as unencrypted credential modifications are disallowed by Microsoft Standards.

Backup Systems

We install and configure BackupPC for system and massive file backups, as it allows for file de-duplication and compression and is excellent, robust open-source software.

Monitoring Systems


We install ZABBIX as a monitoring system, it is highly modular and advanced and allows for custom trigger and data item collection.


In combination with ZABBIX we use Grafana for data display and visual monitoring, as it has excellent graphical capabilities and also supports multiple backends (e.g.: LOKI).

Documentation Systems

When we need high volume documentation and indexation systems we use Sphinx, and/or SphinxSearch. The latter allows for an optimized and high performance document search engine, and... you guessed it, it's open-source.


We offer and upload free tutorials in our YouTube channel.

BackupPC Tutorials

PowerDNS Tutorials

Interlock Tutorials

VueJS Tutorials

Technological Infrastructure

We dedicate ourselves to the design, installation, and support of computing centers.
We also offer training.

Also, we produce contingency plans, computing center migration and re-sizing.

The company also takes care of setting up Firewall services, IPS and IDS, DNS, Mail Servers, Web Servers, CMS, and IT Asset Management systems that allow for issue tracking and service desk solutions.

Finally, we guarantee work of the utmost quality by designing heterogeneous networks and doing any necessary verifications.

Information Technology Security

Access restriction with security and encryption. SSL, PGP, GPG/GnuPG, encryption algorithms and digital certificates. We train and provide enterprise-grade security policies.


BR Consulting SRL makes tailored solutions for its customers, using languages and frameworks such as Python, Django (DRF), PHP, C/C++, and JavaScript (& VueJS). We use short development cycles with modern methodologies such as SCRUM.

We also optimize databases! MS SQL Servers, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB amongst other DBMS's.

It's also within our abilities to migrate to FLOSS, and install some tools such as GLPI, Nextcloud and OCS Inventory.

Regulations and Rules

We adapt your company to security and technology standards such as ISECOM, OSSEC, ISO 27000, and regulations for the Argentinean financial and banking environment such as A4609 (BCRA) and others.

Contact Information

Our objective is to enhance the IT security and productivity of your organization. To that end we have some of the best professionals, knowledgeable in the latest technologies.

We have provided services to clients such as:

Banco Interfinanzas (Bank Interfinanzas) / Bibank

OSTEE (Electrical Company Workers' Health Insurance)

Banco Digital WILOBANK (Digital Bank WILOBANK)

Universidad Nacional de Luján (National University of Luján)

Estudio Horacio Ferro (Law Firm)

Sindicato Luz y Fuerza (Light and Strength Syndicate)

You can contact us through the following mediums

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