Simple and clear

Increase productivity and security of your organization, using simple technology, that adjusts to your needs with a simple interface. Interacivity to understand the upcoming requirements of the organization


The loss of information for security issues, many times costs more than the price in security needed to prevent its loss, and the collapse of productive systems caused by a more continuous and intensive use of the systems than the planified.

Attentive to change

Being Technologically informed allows power to adapt quickly, something required for survival of any organization in the current world.

Technological infrastructure

Design, installation and support of computer centers. Realization of contingency plans, computer center migration, dimensioning of data centers, logical and physical security, structured and electrical cabling, CTI. Configuration of DNS, Mail Servers and Web Servers.

Technical services

We offer user training and second level technical support.


We design LANs with characteristics of maximum performance and safety (Switched Ethernet & Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet), Wireless LANs, networks without cabling as connection between buildings. We design heterogeneousWANs, with multiple technologies, Optical Fiber, Copper, Microwave, Satellital.


We make your installation by security standards and measure the quality of the signal, which enables the correct functioning of your network.


We use UML and XP, we also have experience with RUP and in VITAL.


We develop in C, C++, Java, Java 2, PHP5, JavaScript, Objective-C, Python.


MS SQL Server, Sybase ASE, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, NoSQL.

Migration to FLOSS

We perform migrations to GNU-Linux. We migrate proprietary applications to their FLOSS counterparts. We develop LAMP applications. We train in those technologies.


We have knowledge of its standards and protocols.

Software installation

Hardware and software oriented firewalls, proxies, IDS e IPS.

Access restriction with security and encryption

SSL, PGP, GPG, encryption algorithms, digital signatures.

Regulations and Normatives

We adapt your technological infrastructure to its technological and security normatives, standards and tools as ISECOM, OSSEC, OSSIM, ISO 9000, and others, including the specific normative of argentinian banking and financial environment, A4609 (BCRA).